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Romantic Times:
The Hunter: 4 1/2 STARS TOP PICK

Navy SEAL Hawk McMillan’s current assignment is his toughest one ever. Having to cozy up to the deadly and despicable Dragan Dilaver is hard enough; not intervening when he witnesses atrocities is even tougher. But Hawk must discover and recover a deadly weapon that Dilaver has allegedly acquired.

American CIA freelancer Amber Hutchens has managed to survive in the complex and deadly world of Velesta, Macedonia, for the past four years. Operating the Last Resort, an American-style cafe, has made her popular with NATO forces and proved an excellent avenue for gathering information.

Knowing who to trust can save your life and, while Amber has been ordered to join forces with Hawk, she prefers to make her own judgments. But when their little game of tests and one-upmanship turns into a strange form of courtship, distractions can be fatal.

Few authors can hit the ground running and immediately prove they are genre forces to be reckoned with–Low is one of those special few. Her hard-edged, gritty and romantic books are genuine thrill rides.”

Jill Smith
Romantic Times reviewer

Romance Reader’s Connection:

Velesta, Macedonia is known for it’s danger and crime. In the midst of this hot zone is Amber Hutchens, an American woman running a restaurant called The Last Resort. It’s a favorite spot for Americans who miss home as well as others in Velesta. Amber and her restaurant are left alone by all those who would destroy it for the simple reason, she not only sells great food, but also has useful information for whoever is willing to pay the price. She has other jobs as well and many secrets she doesn’t want found out. Now she finds herself working with a man, Hawk McMillan, who’s very different from others she’s worked with. While she’s not sure exactly how he’s different she does know she’s extremely attracted to him, but can she trust him and his skills?

Hawk McMillan is working deep undercover, trying to complete a mission. As a Navy SEAL, Hawk is used to being on the ‘good’ side of a fight. Now he finds himself having to watch unspeakable things without doing a thing, all for a mission. Each thing he sees eats a little more at his soul, but still he knows in the long run what he’s doing will help more than the few he can’t help right now. When he learns who exactly his secret contact in Velesta is to be, his first task is to get revenge for their first meeting. He never expects to find her attractive or the desire to be in her company all the time. He can’t afford any distractions but maybe she is just what he needs to keep sane during this mission. He’s been warned not to trust Amber with details of his mission, but can he trust her with his heart?

As they face danger from sources they never expected can the two find a love to last forever or will they find only more heartache? Can they find trust in each other when uncertainty prevails?

THE HUNTER is one of those rare books that leaves you smiling and wanting to read it again, if for no other reason than to see more of Hawk. Ms. Low knows how to write heroes that leave you breathless and wanting, in a good way, along with storylines that while at times are emotionally tough to take; they do pull you in and take you on an adventure. Amber is a strong heroine who will have you smiling at her antics and laughing out loud at times, as well as shaking your head. She knows how to handle herself and her surroundings. I will warn that a few scenes are almost too realistic to read, so if you do not want truth in your fiction you may find Ms. Low’s work a little too much for you. Those of us who love SEALs have gained an author who delivers stories full of action, hot men, strong women, and real emotions.

THE HUNTER is part of a series (THE PROTECTOR/12/04), but you can read it alone. This series is also connected to Ms. Low’s other series, The Shadowy Assassins (INTO DANGER, and FACING FEAR). I am sure once you read one book by Ms. Low you will want to rush out and buy the others. THE HUNTER is a book I highly recommend to anyone who wants a sexy, thrilling adventure with just the right touch of romance mixed in!

Reviewed by Wendy Keel
The Romantic Reader’s Connection

Rating: redreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredstar

Romance Junkies:
Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

A man has needs, and right now, Hawk McMillan wants a nice, big, juicy, American hamburger. He also wants a woman – not a brutalized one who has been tricked or kidnaped and then forced to service dozens of men each night – but a regular, everyday one neither of Hawk’s needs are easy finds in Velesta, Macedonia. He’s here on assignment, playing the kingpin’s best friend, while in reality tracking his movements, waiting for his opportunity to take down this man that turns his stomach.

CIA agent Amber Hutchens uses the cover of running her café, the Last Resort, to cover her real interest, the young women that are kidnaped and brought into Velesta. Amber and her friend, Llallana, spent the last four years gathering information on this illegal operation, and now Hawk’s arrival signifies something bigger than any of them realize could be taking place.

In order to test out the new operative sent by the CIA, Amber breaks into his room, and takes down Hawk with the help of an injection. Since he was naked at the time, she leaves her calling card attached to an unmentionable body part. The last operative the CIA had sent almost blew her cover, and Amber’s not about to risk herself, her friends, or her operation to another idiot. Hawk is going to have to prove himself if he wants her help.

Hawk can’t believe he was so lax as to let down his guard enough to allow anybody to get the better of him the way his attacker did. He’s just lucky the attacker obviously didn’t mean him any real harm since he wakes up in his own room covered in blankets off his bed. Then, he discovers the craftily attached calling card left behind, and he knows a challenge has definitely been issued and it’s one he fully intends to answer – as soon as he finds out who his assailant is. It’s just possible he will find the challenger, as well as fulfill his other needs, if he pays a visit to the Last Resort.

With a fast paced plot and witty challenges between the two main characters, THE HUNTER is a book sure to capture and hold you enthralled in the pages for hours. You can actually feel the emotional turmoil the characters experience, as they’re forced to turn a blind eye to the corruption surrounding them as they struggle to take down the current kingpin, Dilaver. Yet, there were scenes so touching, I was on the verge of tears several times, as well as laughing out loud over the antics of Hawk and Amber as the tested each other.

THE HUNTER is the second book in Gennita Low’s CROSSFIRE series. Admittedly, I haven’t read the first book, THE PROTECTOR, but I will be sure to pick up a copy. I’m really hoping there will be a third book in this series involving Amber’s friend, Llallana, as she is a fascinating woman, and I’m dying with curiosity to know what happens to her.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer Chrissy Dionne

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Romantic Suspense:

Lieutenant Zola Zeringue, Jazz, has always loved and respected women and children. When a young woman, more child than woman is in danger, he comes to the rescue, even knowing he can’t save them all, he does what he can. He never expects to be hauled off to jail for trying to help one the young woman, but that’s what happens. Considering Jazz is a Navy SEAL who’s identity and whereabouts are surposed to be Top Secret this is not a good thing. He knows his teammates especially his best buddy, Hawk, will get him out. He’s not prepared however, for Vivi and the effect she has on him, when it’s apparent she’s the one who comes to his rescue.

Vivi Verreau has many disguises and few know exactly who or what she is. When she’s ordered to get a GI out of hot water, she’s not happy, even knowing he was trying to help the girl, it still galls her to have to help a serviceman. After all they are part of the problem she’s trying to help end, young women, girls being used for sex. As the Interpol liaison for the United Third World Against Exploitation of Women, she knows she has to do as she’s ordered by T, her real boss at GEM. So she helps to get Jazz out of trouble, and even knowing he’s bad news, she can’t help feeling attracted to him.

Soon Vivi and Jazz find themselves working together on a mission, but with secret missions going on within missions and things going not as planned, Vivi soon finds herself in need of a protector. Can she come to terms with her past to embrace her future? Can Jazz find the truth hidden behind all the disguises? But the most important question of all is, will any of them make it out alive?

Ms. Low has given us a truly engrossing tale with THE PROTECTOR, one that I found hard to put down. The characters are alive and jump off the page at you. While this is the first book in a new series, it is related to Ms. Low’s previous two books and we do see a couple of characters from these books. THE PROTECTOR can stand alone, but if you want to know about these characters you’d should read the previous two books. It is my feeling that this is the best story Ms. Low has given us to date. Those who love alphas and military men as much as I do, will certainly enjoy this one. The secondary characters are a true asset and at times scene stealers, especially Hawk, who’s book, THE HUNTER, will be coming in July 2005.

If you want an adventurous action-filled read, then this is one you don’t want to miss. I will warn you that this book is set totally in other countries and therefore some scenes may be hard to read. However, I did not find this particular story to be as gut wrenchingly hard to take as some scenes from previous books. I highly recommend THE PROTECTOR, if you want to meet some great characters and take a truly enjoyable ride.

Wendy Keel
A Romance Suspense Review

Rating: redreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredstar

The Protector
Author: Gennita Low
Publisher: Avon Books
Release Date: January 2005
Blue Ribbon Rating: 4
Format: PRINT

Navy SEAL Jazz Zeringue never thought that helping a young girl avoid the unwanted attention of some unsavory bar patrons would land him in jail. To his surprise, he’s released by the actions of one enigmatic Vivi Verreau. It’s obvious that there is more to Vivi than she shows him, and he finds himself wanting to get under her skin and into the heart of the real Ms. Verreau. When his next mission has him working beside her, he finds it to be the perfect opportunity to get to know her, no matter that she seems to not be affected by his actions.

Vivi has spent most of her life in one disguise or another. Her current assignment is no different. While she is more affected by Jazz that he thinks, she knows that he’s just interested in a facade. Or is he? As she works together with him and his SEAL team on an extremely important mission, she realizes this smooth Cajun charmer may be more dangerous to her heart than she ever thought possible.

THE PROTECTOR is full of non-stop action and plenty of intriguing characters. Gennita Low has written an intense novel. Her SEALs are the strong, alpha males that you would expect, but she’s also given them distinct personalities that shine. Vivi is a very strong woman, able to hold her own with the soldiers she’s working alongside. Even her secondary characters are fascinating. The build-up to the final mission carries through the entire book, and it’s Ms. Low’s attention to detail that made the book so readable. She doesn’t gloss over the planning and preparation, which gives a very gritty feel to the book that I definitely enjoyed. I highly recommend THE PROTECTOR to those who love a great romantic suspense with a military flavor.

Romance Junkies Reviewer Nicole

Avon Books
ISBN: 0-06-059110-2
January 2005
Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Somewhere in Southeast Asia – Present day

Jazz Zeringue and his company of SEALS just completed a mission and are taking a little down time in a city with the usual amenities: noisy bar, women, and booze. Trained by his Maman and several sisters in Louisiana to respect women, Jazz tries save a small girl from being sold in a back room of the bar, and ends up being arrested by Interpol. Hawk, co-commander of his team, gets instructions from the wizened old lady in charge of the “back rooms” and has Jazz released the next day. But it seems the Admiral in charge of their group has volunteered them to be part of a combined mission with Interpol to free a truckload of underage girls bound for a life of degradation, rape and slavery.

Vivienne Verreau was disguised as that wizened old lady at the bar, and she is working with Interpol to free the human cargo on its way, and several other missions even she isn’t privy to. Along with a rough and cynical childhood, she inherited a dislike of anyone military, including Jazz and his friend Hawk, both looking at her with that gleam of interest in their eyes. Her mission is to work with the SEALS and perform an extraction of the girls as they are trucked into town, blow up a bridge, let the scum in charge go free for some reason; oh, and destroy a load of illegal arms in the convoy. Nothing out of the ordinary that a group a SEALS can’t handle everyday, right?

THE PROTECTOR is a mystery/action book unlike any you have read. Any comparisons to other writers of the same genre simply cannot and should not be made. This has a much more complicated plot, many more characters, and is by far more hard-hitting and intense. Do not choose this book for a quick read; its many facets require far more concentration with its depth and attention to detail.

Vivi and Jazz begin a game of thrust and parry as they each have many responsibilities within their groups. Jazz and sidekick Hawk have a relationship where each one can read the others thoughts, and both are centered on who can get Vivi’s attention first. Throughout the book, I got the feeling Hawk was merely playing with Jazz, using their special affinity to push him in Vivi’s way. Vivi is involved in several projects, some with purposes not even known to her; she is only the tool of her group.

The kinship between Jazz and Hawk is one of the highlights here, a soldierly melding between two men that contains complete faith in each other’s abilities, and the skills to work both together and independently to perfection. Along with the rest of the SEALS group, each soldier is a delight and a puzzle to meet. Vivi has her boss, known only as “T”, a woman of such mystery that we hardly scratch the surface of her story. There are also other plots involving the Triad crime family that give this story more than enough twists and turns to please any aficionado of this type of book.

THE PROTECTOR is a tale of great depth and intensity, and not for the casual reader. This is the third in a series about these SEALS, but there are no carryover characters or details that intersect between the books. The charismatic and lethal Hawk will have his story written later this year, and it also promises to be not for the faint of heart. Gennita Low is an amazing new talent who has quickly made this type of story her own. I highly recommend THE PROTECTOR as a book to embark on for a reading adventure. This is not merely a short trip, but a voyage of discovery.

Carolyn Crisher

Review on Barnes & Noble

A Romance Review:

Gennita Low’s world is of Navy SEAL’s, secret agents and government operatives. It’s a world of danger and covert missions, a world where agents are assets not human beings. With Facing Fear Ms. Low delivers a much anticipated follow-up to her debut release Into Danger. And let me assure you, it is just as enthralling and intriguing.

Once more she’s created a heroine strong and independent. Nikki Taylor might not be as mysterious as Marlena Maxwell in Into Danger, but she certainly takes her time in revealing her secrets. Nikki is a secret government agent; send in to investigate CIA Operations Chief Rick Harden. Rick is a disillusioned field agent turned bureaucrat, looking for answers about the disappearance and murder of his late wife. His character and his position make him the perfect scapegoat in a case of national security.

It’s to be Nikki’s last assignment, the one to reward her with long searched for answers about her past. It’s not an easy task, as the closer she gets to Rick—and he does want her very close—the harder it becomes to fight the ghosts of her past. His attraction for Nikki is crucial in bringing down her inner barriers, in revealing a woman that resembles his late wife in more than just her looks. It is his passion and her grandmother’s Chinese wisdom that keeps her sane and allows her to face her fears.

Facing Fear is an intriguing romantic suspense. For the first half it is a steamy and seductive romance. Remember the pearls in Into Danger? This time it’s seatbelts that find a whole new use. The second half concentrates on the suspense. Too much emphasis on it leaves not enough room for the romance to further develop. It didn’t keep me from enjoying the story though. However, its many twists and again the introduction of too many secondary characters left me a little distracted. It is still up there though with the Adair’s, Brockmann’s and Howard’s. And with all the secondary characters being obvious hero and heroine material I’m sure that we won’t have to go without Gennita Low’s books for a very long time. And that is good so!.

Kris Alice
A Romance Review

Rating: redreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredstar

Old Book Barn Gazette Review:

Secret operative Nikki Taylor returns to Washington seeking answers to 10-year-old questions. She’s accepted one last job in return for those answers. She’s to investigate Rick Harden, a CIA Operations Chief suspected of treason. Nikki resembles Rick’s late wife. This aids (or hinders) everyone involved in cover-ups. These two connect on many levels, and their attraction for each other is electrifying.

Ms. Low’s FACING FEAR is everything I have been waiting for since reading her first novel, INTO DANGER. This story examines political cover-ups, life and death issues, and the sensual, explosive power between a man and a woman. I guarantee the dialog and events of this plot create anticipation and excitement for the reader on many planes. An exceptional read!

Sabrina Marino
Old Book Barn Gazette

The Romance Readers Connection:

Ricardo “Hard On” Harden, Operations Chief of CIA Task Force Two, was at best, a hard nose, by the book bureaucrat. To most, this was not a bad thing. To Rick, it was the worst possible situation. For the past ten years, he had been living the straight and narrow to prove his worthiness and to one day be able to take the revenge he wanted desperately. Now, just as he is on the edge of giving up, his life takes a new direction and once again, not necessarily for the best. At the top of the list, Nikki Taylor. She has entered his life and he can’t seem to shake the feeling she is not all that she appears to be. Even her uncanny resemblance to his dead wife shakes him to the core of his being.

Nikki Taylor wants answers. She needs to know what happened to her ten years ago and just who she really is. The only assignment that could have brought her out of retirement from being a GEM operative was the one that would answer all her questions. The answers all lie within her. Years ago, as a child, her grandmother had told her stories of the prophecies and the pathways to finding her center, her good inside. By accepting this case, by agreeing to confront her past, she will be able to finally find her inner peace and the answers to all her questions. No one had ever guaranteed the path would be easy.

Rick and Nikki have an instant attraction that shocks them both. He wants to know what her motive is for trailing him and she wants to know his secrets. Their chemistry is out of this world. The sparks they strike whenever they are in each others space is sure to cause a big explosion. However, before they can start the fire, they have several obstacles to pass through. Rick must learn to accept who Nikki really is and she must get past her fears and doubts about him. The two are strong willed people that hide behind their hard exteriors and keep their vulnerable sides locked away. In the end, they each have to learn to overcome their own inner struggles.

FACING FEAR is Ms. Low’s second book, following INTO DANGER, (3/03). It details the lives of government operatives and the roadblocks they face in life and love. Written with excellent detail, the characters stand out as you read about their challenging lives. Their circumstances and their reactions are very real and not of superhero proportion. There is a good balance between the strong and vulnerable sides of the main characters. It is helpful to have read the first book, however, though not necessary. While the story can get confusing if you don’t give it your full attention, it is worth concentrating on. Intriguing, intelligent and emotional are the best words to describe this book. A great book to settle down with on a relaxing day. To the top of the keeper shelf for this one!

Thia McCain
The Romance Readers Connection

Rating: redreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredstar

Romantic Times Review:

It is also a RT TOP PICK, which is beside the review, as well as the book being listed on Page 3 with their other top selections for the month.

When his despised boss is arrested, CIA Operations Chief Rick Harden is torn between satisfaction that David Gorman is finally getting his and the knowledge that he too will also come under suspicion. Rick’s career was derailed once before, when 10 years ago he demanded answers regarding his wife’s death in the field. Since then, he’s made bargains with the devil in his quest for the truth.

Although semiretired, specialized secret government agent Nikki Taylor agrees to take on this last job for two reasons: the promise of answers to her own past and to make sure that Rick is not a scapegoat.

Politics and covert operations are a deadly and dangerous business. From the moment he spies Nikki, Rick knows she is there to investigate him, but can he trust her to dig for the truth? Never one to be passive, Rick boldly approaches Nikki with a proposition–one that may lead to both information and passion.

Proving that her outstanding debut was no fluke, hot new author Low is back with more thrills and sizzle. She has an amazing voice that is unique, exciting and gives her suspense tales an unexpected edge. An author destined for really big things!

Jill M. Smith
Romantic Times

Rating: 41/2 stars – Fantastic – Keeper

Romance Reviews Today:

Washington D.C. – Present Day

Rick Harden is in trouble, but somehow, he doesn’t seem too bothered by it all. Yes, his boss has been arrested for multiple counts of treason. As his second-in-command, Rick knows they are looking at him now as the logical accomplice. The bureaucratic hoopla has just started. The Department of Justice has promised an internal overhaul; anyone who is even remotely close to being suspicious will be taken care of. The irony is that Rick has turned into a bureaucrat himself, so much so he never suspected his own boss was a traitor.

Nikki Taylor is being sent in to figure out what happened. Under the guise of gathering information for a romance book, she is let into headquarters, and told to start digging. Nikki is also back at the CIA to right a wrong done to her many, many years ago and to figure out some answers to a few questions of her own. She knows she looks remarkably similar to Rick’s deceased wife, and she intends to use that. What she doesn’t expect is the searing attraction to the man.

As for Rick, his many years at Task Force Two and his own past don’t exactly make him a patsy. Things aren’t adding up with Nikki Taylor, but he has a difficult time getting past the woman’s appeal. After he is directed by Internal Investigations to turn over all his office files, he sees the noose begin slipping around his neck. Now it’s time to do a little work of his own, and what better place to start than with Nikki?

FACING FEAR is a taut, suspenseful thriller, that doesn’t let loose with any answers right away. The main characters are multi-layered and highly conflicted. Rick has a personal disaster in his life that has prevented him from moving up the ranks in his job, and it has cost him happiness on many levels. Nikki is a fascinating woman; brilliant and entirely capable, her past does not allow her to move forward, either, but for entirely different reasons.

There is a pervasive aura of danger in FACING FEAR from beginning to end that makes the book a real page-turner. As the main characters unleash their passion for each other, the sensuality level also goes way, way up. (Is there an NC rating in books?) As with Gennita Low’s earlier novel, INTO DANGER, FACING FEAR is dramatic romantic suspense at its best. I highly recommend it to those who like fast-paced and sizzling romances.

Astrid Kinn
Romance Reviews Today

Round Table Reviews:

CIA Deputy Director David Gorman has been charged with committing espionage and selling secrets. His subordinate, Ricardo (Rick) Harden is the next target for investigation. Admiral Madison, U. S. Navy SEAL Commander, has hired Nikki Taylor, an independent subcontractor, to learn the truth behind the suspicions cast on Rick. Nikki is the image of Rick’s late wife, who was killed on a mission some ten years ago. Oddly enough, Nikki’s past is not a matter of record.

The characters in FACING FEAR are thoroughly authentic and contribute to a fast moving scenario. Gennita has done a great job of researching what appear to be the inner workings of the CIA. The final chapters of the story move very fast and leave the reader with the satisfaction of a great story. While I am not usually a mystery fan, I enjoyed this book. Apparently, FACING FEAR is the follow-up story to INTO DANGER. I feel that FACING FEAR stands alone perfectly.

Robert H. Goss
Round Table Reviews

Review on Barnes & Noble

April issue of Old Book Barn Gazette:

Marlena Maxwell, known by many in the intelligence world as an assassin, is in Washington D.C. Part of her strategy is to have a hired lackey at her beck and call. Marlena likes to have fun while she waits for the right moment to complete her assignment. She works alone, falls in love with no one, and disappears until her next contract comes up. Navy SEAL Steve McMillan is at home out in the field of action. He’s been reassigned to an intelligence unit with Marlena Maxwell as his latest assignment. Prepared to expect the unexpected with this woman’s history, what he hasn’t prepared for is falling for her. Marlena upstages Steve more than once, but he readjusts and moves forward, learning that the upstage game works both ways. He also learns that the intelligence world plays games with everyone. I applaud Ms. Low for delivering an action-packed novel effectively portraying the covert intelligence world. The vivacious Marlena and the virile Steve threaten to leave you panting. I certainly enjoyed this author’s debut novel. I hope you do, too.

Sabrina Marino

Romance Readers Connection:

Grab yourself an ice cold beverage and a fan because this book is hot, hot, hot. Gennita Low’s debut romantic suspense will leave you breathless and eager for more of this remarkable new writer.

Navy SEAL Steve McMillan becomes embroiled in a CIA mission – to infiltrate the beautiful assassin Marlena Maxwell and determine who her next target is. The tough, sexy woman gives as good as she gets, and Steve becomes deeply attracted to her which could get him into trouble more ways than one.

Marlena Maxwell isn’t everything she seems. She also knows that Steve isn’t everything he appears to be either. She’s used to working alone, so when Steve’s true identity is revealed to her, she becomes very uncertain where this road will lead them. Working together to determine who the good guys and the bad guys are, Marlena vows to see this job through to the end.

I really can’t tell you much more than that because this book has so many twists and turns, I’d be spoiling it for most of you. Low has created a riveting plot, whose characters are stunningly fresh and vibrant and the plot will keep you guessing until the end.

With enough sexual drama and erotic love scenes to leave you breathless, the pearl scene itself will have readers everywhere snapping up this book for it alone. But the love scenes aren’t the only thing going for this smartly woven suspense and intrigue romance. Marlena and Steve are two richly drawn characters, with their own voices and backgrounds. Not your usual heroine, Low’s Marlena will rank right up there with the best of powerful female leads. Steve is no cupcake when it comes to heroes, either. He’s tough, but just as powerful as Marlena, which is always a plus. Usually, one overpowers the other, but Low has the right formula so that neither overshadows the other.

The secondary characters, such as operatives from Steve’s team, and Tess, who trained Marlena, lend themselves to the storyline in the right mix of development and timing. There is also a unique hint with Tess that makes me wonder what Low has in store for her. With debut romances like this, Gennita Low is soon to be a dynamic voice in romantic fiction. And I’m so looking forward to her next book, which I just hope is Tess and Alex’s.

Jennifer Russell
Romance Readers Connection

Rating: redreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredstar

April issue of The Road to Romance:

Steve McMillan, who’s notorious not just for his daring feats as a member of the elite covert operations team Black Star SEAL, but also for being voted by the navy grapevine as ‘The Best Kisser of the Millennium’, is given a very unusual but alluring assignment as his first job after his transfer to TIARA, a CIA Intel team used by Admiral Madison’s special operations team. As the newest member of Task Force Two of TIARA, Steve isn’t sure what to expect, but being infiltrated as a personal lackey for the mysterious, magnificent and thoroughly glamorous suspected international assassin Marlena Maxwell is certainly not it! That the task is challenging is something the action-oriented Steve truly relishes, and that this job will strain the limits of his self-control as well as his libido is something this macho man knows for certain from the moment he sets eyes on the total sexy and leather clad package that Marlena presents, a fact she’s very aware of and doesn’t hesitate to use if needed! The attraction between them is undeniable as well completely unacceptable for both, and their mutual distrust is masked but still there. Steve’s job is to gather information about her latest assignment, in order to turn her over to the authorities, but as his feelings towards this machiavellian maven undergo a gradual change, his assignment becomes more and more difficult and soon his consummate professionalism is called into question. Even Marlena is suffering from the same dilemma. But when the chips are down, can either of them truly change their colors? The two of them engage in a battle of wit, verbal innuendo, which is further complicated by threats, car chases and death! Read Gennita Low’s mesmerizing master work and get drawn into a web of malice and deceit, where betrayal is the order of the day, and feelings are superfluous. After reading this saga, readers will find be hard put to believe that this book is Gennita Low’s debut attempt, so marvelous and majestic it is! This intensely suspenseful book is also a very sensual one, presenting menace and romance in a matchless blend. All the characters (and there are plenty) in this superb drama are utterly fascinating as well as convincing, especially the lead pair of Marlena and Steve, or Stash as Marlena naughtily calls him! They are two peerless people, unsurpassed at their respective jobs and with spotless reputations to uphold, but seemingly at opposite sides. The passion between them is not only hot, but also blazing in such a fiery way as to put a volcano to shame and melt the Arctic! The equally chilling aura of menace and death that surrounds the entire affair not only presents a stunning contrast but indeed the two aspects complement and enhance each other just like the main protagonists. The mystery is also very good and is present at various levels and is enough to boggle the minds of even the most dedicated mystery reader. The numerous action scenes add a lot of excitement to an already suspenseful plot. There are many comical aspects too, which lighten the tense story at apt moments. The ending ties up many loose ends, but also leaves many questions unanswered – most likely they will provide the basis for this debut author’s forthcoming books! In short, ‘Into Danger’ is a true masterpiece, and readers everywhere are advised to not to miss this new author, Gennita Low’s, future works.

Rashmi Srinivas

Heartstrings Review:

Long legs in black leather pants have Navy SEAL operative, Steve McMillan, thinking about slow, wet, hot kisses when his mind should be focused elsewhere — mainly on his target for the evening, Marlena Maxwell, and his assignment for the CIA. He’s still an outsider in this team of intel-gatherers, and has yet to prove his effectiveness outside of his capacity as a get-in-and-get-it-done SEAL. Letting lust obscure his focus is just about as stupid as it gets. The lady is beautiful but as deadly as a rattler poised to strike, after all.

Gorgeous or not, Marlena Maxwell is still an assassin…and one whose reason for being in Washington, D.C. has spooked more than one agency. So far, she’s eluded the authorities and maintained a scrupulously clean record, but all of that’s about to change. Something big is going down, and Steve will be there to see it through — and to bring the marvelous Ms. “M” to his superiors for an overdue chitchat. Now, if only Marlena would keep her hands out of his pants, Steve could settle the facts in his mind, and discover what’s bothering him about this assignment. With his objectivity shot all too hell, however, it’ll take some time to divine truth from lies, fact from fiction, and reality from artifice.

In this covert world created by Gennita Low, nothing is as it seems, everyone’s motives are suspect, and dangerous undercurrents put the thrill into the daring-do’s of an espionage thriller. Into Danger is a high voltage, sensually charged debut novel that’s tireless and cunningly plotted — but it’s also as difficult to decipher as a coded message when one is lacking the know-how to do so. If you’re a stickler for details, Ms. Low’s fill-in-the-blanks approach to character and plot development will bug you to no end.

A lot of guesswork is required to putty up the holes in the plot, and woe to any reader whose mind has a tendency to wander. One will need to stay sharp in order to keep one’s head above water, and the facts — as hazy as they are — straight: Who is working for whom, and why, are questions that beg answers. Still, Ms. Low has done a bang-up job keeping her readers in the dark, and forcing them to draw their own conclusions (which is quite the feat for a newcomer to the genre). One’s suppositions are constantly on shaky ground, making Into Danger a novel of ever-changing focus and skillful surprises.

Marlena is very much a woman of mystery, and aloof to the point of being purposefully vague and stubbornly tightlipped. Steve is only privy to the information she decides, somewhat begrudgingly, to share with him. As a result, their relationship is a duel for power, both sexual and professional, but this fight for supremacy isn’t demeaning or diminishing to either party. Indeed, Ms. Low’s hero and heroine are a well-matched pair, and the sensual dynamics of their relationship all but shoot sparks from the pages. Marlena’s attempts to substitute intimacy with sexual manipulation backfire spectacularly, however.

“Stash” isn’t a man to stand idly by, after all, while a blue-eyed beauty eggs him on, or plays the part of a mythical mermaid: lovely, secretive and frustratingly unattainable. His Navy SEAL training has honed his instincts to a keen edge, but a controlled predator still dwells beneath his skin. He’s not about to back down in the face of Marlena’s intransigence, or meekly concede defeat. Ms. Low’s strengths as a writer are characterization, and her consistency in creating strong, dynamic personalities, I think.

Various government and military agencies are strategically incorporated into the storyline, providing an impressive cast of secondary characters, which readers can pick and choose their favorites from. As a matter of fact, Ms. Low has left herself wide open for numerous sequels and/or spin-offs, so I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Marlena and Steve, or their spy games. Or should I say kissing games? At any rate, Into Danger has attitude, smarts and sex appeal, and is gung-ho for that dizzying rush of adrenaline so highly praised in escapist fiction. There are blind spots in the plot, to be sure, but the complaints will be few and far between, I’d wager.

C.L. Jeffries
Romantic Fiction

Romance Review Today:

Washington, D.C. – Present Day

Marlena Maxwell is known in the intelligence community as a wily assassin. Wily, because she’s never been caught. When the CIA’s Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities (TIARA) Task Force Two captures the man hired to serve as Marlena’s chauffeur and lackey during her assignment in D.C., they replace the man with Steve McMillan, a Navy SEAL on special assignment to TIARA. Steve’s assignment is to get close enough to Marlena to learn the identity of her next victim and her contacts. He’s a team player, and although the CIA hasn’t exactly welcomed him with open arms, he’s ready to take on this mission. Marlena Maxwell works alone. Always. But from the moment she meets Steve, whom she calls Stash, she finds herself attracted to him. Completely unlike her usual lackeys, he’s intelligent, independent, and has a dry sense of humor. And he’s a great kisser. Well aware that he’s probably CIA, or part of another acronymed agency, Marlena intends to ignore her feelings and do what she does best-complete her assignment. Alone. Despite the passion that sparks between them, Steve and Marlena are determined to do their jobs. All too soon they are caught in a deadly game of deception and betrayal, in which nothing is as it seems. Can they stay alive long enough to learn who the real bad guys are? The slightest slip could be fatal, but the deadliest mistake of all might be falling in love. INTO DANGER is a taut, action-packed thriller. There’s plenty of mystery and intrigue, including double and triple crosses; a cast of intriguing characters, most of whom hide behind masks; and a blazingly passionate romance. The suspense builds slowly, layer by layer, and will have readers on the edge of their seats. Marlena and Steve are intriguing characters-and proof of the adage that opposites attract. He’s the consummate team player; she’s a loner. He’s open to love and romance; she’s been hurt in the past and is terrified of risking her heart again. They have to learn from each other, and Marlena has to learn to trust, before they can embrace their future. Fans of romantic suspense will enjoy Ms. Low’s thrilling, sexy debut. It’s an exciting, entertaining story, and readers will eagerly await the author’s next book.

Susan Lantz
Romance Review Today

The Romance Reader Today Review:

Steve McMillan watched the woman at the bar. Dressed in black leather, tall, curvaceous, sexy, she didn’t look like a trained assassin, but that’s exactly what she was. Which is why he was here watching her. Marlena Maxwell was the best and when she agreed to do a job, she went first class. That meant, among other things, a luxury condo for the duration, $10,000 in cash, and a lackey to do her bidding. That was Steve, formerly point man for one of the famous Black Star SEAL teams led by Admiral Jack Madison, and now the newest member of Task Force Two of TIARA, a CIA intel team used by the admiral’s special ops teams. Used to violent action when the choices were black and white, Steve was having trouble with seeing situations in shades of gray and with learning to deal with agents trained in different ways from he and his SEAL team. And that was before Marlena came along! Marlena knew Steve wasn’t the obedient kind of lackey she’d had before as soon as she saw him in the bar. But it wasn’t until he kissed her that she knew she wasn’t going to be able to control him like she had the others. He was handsome, sexy, hard-bodied, and just looking at him made her hot all over. When he kissed her, not only could she not control him, she couldn’t control herself either! And she was in the middle of a contract, and definitely didn’t need the distraction. However, she did have a couple of days to kill, so there was no reason why she couldn’t tease him just a little. And so Marlena and Steve (nicknamed Stash, after she’d searched him for the first time), passionately attracted to each other despite their secrets and their situation, begin their dance, sharing their bodies in steamy bouts of mind-blowingly incredible sex, but keeping their hearts and minds and pasts separated, hidden by careful lies and deliberate omissions. This is a densely-written, layered novel with many characters who reveal their secrets only one at a time, as one subplot after another is uncovered. It’s not a book for a light, quick read, nor one that can be picked up and put down. It requires the reader’s attention and concentration to keep characters and plot lines straight. Villains seem to surface only to be revealed as something or someone else, replaced with other villains who are equally nefarious and difficult to define. And while most of the characters are fully-realized, others seem more like cardboard cutouts, with little motivation for their actions. Still others change their stripes so often, it’s hard to follow who’s either good or bad. In addition to all that, the secrets of who is or isn’t telling the truth, and who that truth gets told to starts virtually from the first page, making analysis, which would reveal those secrets, difficult. The main characters are believable, multidimensional characters who act and react in ways that engages the reader and makes them seem very real, and the suspense between them is stretched out to the very last pages. Despite a few flaws, Into Danger is a solid, readable first novel, and one can only hope that some of her characters (especially those SEALS) show up in future books.

Joni Richards Bodart
The Romance Reader

A Romance Review:

Into Danger, Gennita Low’s debut release deserves to win awards. I’d nominate it for best first novel, best mysterious heroine and best ending.

The news is out that with the appearance of the beautiful and mysterious assassin Marlena Maxwell in DC, someone is to die. To find out who the target is and to prevent the hit, Navy Seal Steve McMillan is sent in to gather the necessary information and to hand Marlena over to the CIA.

You’ve read right. Gennita Low is living dangerously. Introducing an assassin as a heroine. And what a worthy opponent she is. Seduce the girl, get the information and hand her over are his orders. Instead Steve’s being ensnared, played and…betrayed? Definitely a novel experience for the tough SEAL, a challenge he’s planning on winning.

Female assassins and killers as heroines are an interesting concept. Not done too often, I seem to only remember Tina St. John and Suzanne Forster right now. It doesn’t always work, but Ms. Low manages to introduce her as tough, brave, intelligent but also vulnerable. So just like the hero, I wasn’t appalled or disgusted by her and her profession, instead, just like Steve, I was enthralled by Marlena’s mysterious personality and admired her for her gutsy and sharp moves.

Interesting that Ms. Low never until the very end reveals all about her heroine. Usually it’s the other way around. It’s the hero that is mysterious and dangerous. However, Ms. Low carries it off with aplomb and in style! Doesn’t mean that the hero is in any way weak or incapable of dealing with the heroine, but it’s definitely not an easy ride. Especially as not all is as it seems.

So you have two wonderful, strong and sexy characters and then Ms. Low also introduces plenty intriguing secondary characters, all of them begging to star in their own stories. Sometimes it even felt a little crowded. There is a secondary romance happening and I wish Ms. Low had let me to experience and not just watch it.

Yes, that would be my only complaint. That the whole story is told only from the hero and heroine’s point of view. A few glimpses from the outside would have made it easier reading, not as exhausting. Then again with the natural, sexy and sassy banter happening I hardly ever wanted to leave Steve and Marlena.

Into Danger is a book one shouldn’t miss. Any Cherry Adair, Linda Howard or Suzanne Brockmann reader should have Gennita Low on her list. I do!

Kris Alice
A Romance Review

Rating: redreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredreviewplugredstar