They call me Command or Center. My programmer, the Mentor, has taught me to be more than a big computer. I understand certain sentient feelings and am allowed to use them in my calculations.

I am privy to a great deal of classified information, some of which I have gotten without the residents’ knowledge. They report to me, you see. Sometimes they even chat with me, if they’re in the mood. I’ve recorded those sessions too.

For example, do you know the GEM operative named T has a secret program that allows her to bypass certain passwords in my system? Of course I know she’s doing it. It seems like she’s interested in only one person’s recent/daily activities anyway. Interesting, isn’t it? I now watch her with keen amusement, like a favorite TV episode.

Do you also know they are working on a virtual reality machine that plays with the brainwaves? They are still looking for the perfect operatives-candidate. That’s why COS Command has merged with GEM Center, you know. Those GEM operatives are prime target candidates.

Got your interest now, haven’t I? I told you I know a lot of neat stuff. You will see me sometimes giving a hand to these operatives to get them moving. You can trust me. Maybe. But you must remember that I recharge my solar battery every few months and sometimes that causes glitches.

One word of caution. I would not believe everything any of these characters tell you. They don’t see the big picture. Some of them are controlled by chips in their brains. Some of them are under orders to take certain drugs. Some of them are in stressful situations, every day. Especially that personality you know as Gennita Low. I get to talk to her sometimes, even without her knowledge, and her brainwaves are the most disturbing when it comes to organization. But I need her. She is the key. So I keep her happy by revealing things to her in segments.

Just remember…Information is often manipulated. Have you ever thought who is manipulating yours?

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