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THE FOLLOWING IS THE FIRST CHAPTER OF ALEX AND T’s STORY, Copyright 2009@Gennita Low, all rights reserved. No part of the following excerpt can be reproduced without the author’s permission.

VIRTUALLY YOURS (you guys know this title is tongue-in-cheek, right)


She knew she had to think fast when they brought him into the room, prodding him roughly with their weapons. She recognized him immediately, even under all that dirty snow and unkempt hair. She had thought him very attractive from the computer files but up close, he was magnificent.

They had pulled off his fur coat and cut away his sweater, and he shivered slightly in the cold room, although his expression remained watchful and calm. The thermal shirt he wore clung to his broad chest, outlining the body she had imagined touching when she’d studied his file. It took her a moment to realize that he was looking directly at her. She took a deep breath and calmly returned his gaze. He didn’t know her, after all.

He hadn’t changed much from the file photos, although they were a few years old. His blond hair was longer and blonder than she’d thought, as if he had been staying out in the sun a lot. His blue eyes still captured hers, and she felt a tingle of awareness as he studied her. A hint of a smile ghosted his full, sensual lips, as if he knew exactly how he affected her. Impossible, she thought. She was not that easy to read.

“Talia, love, he’s eyeing you,” the man beside her said mockingly. “Do you know him?”

She couldn’t take her eyes away from the prisoner. There were so many questions she wanted to ask, like what the hell was he doing here? “No, I don’t think so,” she lied, pretending to study the man closely. “You said he’s American, Sasha?”

“That’s what his ID says,” Sasha answered. He flipped open the wallet in his hand. “Robert Alexander Diamond,” he read aloud in thick, accented English. “D. O. B.?”

June 11 Gem

2) Tell us more about Hawk and the Standing and Ready SEAL team. Black Cell is based loosely on the very, very covert and totally denied-to-have-existed Red Cell from the SEAL teams. I wanted my teams to have different color coded cells for different covert operations/different targeted areas of the world. Black Cell is the 'highest' level, meaning most dangerous and incommunicado. Well, what do you expect? Hawk runs one of the teams! 3) Will you write another book with Stash and...

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